Introducing Bully Market AKC Dalmatians!!! 

We currently own 5 beautiful AKC Dalmatians. Our next litter will be coming in the spring of 2022. Please text 559-790-9314 or email thebullymarket@yahoo.com to be added to the contact list! Our prices range between $1500-$3000 depending on the pick. 


Dewey's Minnie Mouse of TBM

Minnie is a beautiful liver spotted HUA female. She has TONS of spots. Minnie has the sweetest temperament and loves attention. She has a lot of energy and loves to play fetch and go for walks. Although she has a lot of energy she is so gentle with babies and has been a BREEZE to train. This girl has beautiful structure and will pass it on to her puppies! She is also CHIC certified and has all her required ofa health testing for the breed (hips, eyes , ears) 

Dewey's Pongo of TBM

Pongo is an LUA liver carrier black and white Dalmatian. He is the definition of and old soul. He is only a puppy but walks with the grace of a senior dog. Loves kids and playing with the other dogs. He doesn't have nearly as much energy as our female and prefers to lounge around then go for walks. He has so much BONE for a dalmatian which he passed on to his beautiful litters. He is also CHIC certified meaning he has all of his OFA health testing for the breed (hips, eyes , ears and cardiac) 


Bully Market's Cookie Monster 

our keeper female off of Pongo x Minnie first litter. She is liver and white like her mother, LUA like her father . She has beautiful structure, a pretty head and perfect spot pattern! She’s got a goofy but sweet personality. She will be having a litter summer of 2022. She has her OFA eyes and ears done , pending hips 

Bully Market’s Cooper of Snow 

Black and white HUA male. We co own him with another breeder and he will be bred to Cookie Monster this summer ! 

Dalmatrix April Rain 

Our imported black and white HUA female . She came all the way from Romania 🇷🇴 and will be shown in the AKC. 


Coachhaus Rainbowriffic

Rainbow is a black and white hua female we purchased as an adult. She has the sweetest temperament just like Minnie ! She is currently pregnant with Pongo puppies and will have her litter may 21 , 2022